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Scheduled Maintenace

Wed June 27 9:28am

Our up stream provider has scheduled four hours of maintenance to be completed Thursday, June 28, 2007 at 4:00am. Internet services will be affected.

Scheduled Maintenance

Thu Oct 26 12:06pm

At 11:00pm tonight we will be upgrading our spam filtering software and some hardware. Email services will be interrupted during that time. Maintenance should be completed by 4:00am.

Webmail Upgrade

Wed Sept 13 1:40pm

At 11:30pm we will be upgrading webmail and adding a new, interactive, and optional interface. Webmail will be down for approximately 30minutes.

Webmail Address Books

Thu Aug 3 3:47pm

During routine maintenance some webmail settings and address books were reset to their defaults. Webmail will be unavailable tonight from 12:30am to 1:00am to while we restore the lost settings and address books.

System wide Maintenance

Tue May 2 2:58pm

12:01am May 5th we will be doing system wide maintenance on our equipment. The outage should not last more than 4 hours. All Computer Cafe services will be affected.

Accelerator Maintenance

Mon Jan 23 3:10pm

There will be a brief maintenance 23:59 PST Wednesday night (Jan 25th). If you are using the accelerator and an aggressive firewall you may be asked to ALLOW communication with the following addresses.


Brief Maintenance

Tue Jan 10 4:44pm

There will be a brief maintenance 12:01 AM Friday morning (Jan 13th) . The maintenance window is less than one hour.

New Webpage

Fri Dec 9 10:00am

We're making things happen at the Cafe. I hope you like the cleaner look of the new web page. We have tried to make information about us easier to find. Our next big project is to create a cleaner, faster billing system.

Lower Price for Computer Cafe dialup!

Fri Dec 9 10:00am

Unlimited dialup at $11.66 per month with annual purchase. No 15 hour limit.
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New Mail Servers mean much less spam

Fri Dec 9 10:00am

Our new mail servers have been in service for over two months now, and they are doing a really good job of catching spam. We will continue to tune our spamfilter and keep up with the latest spam trends. Please, let us know how the spam filter is working for you.