About Us

Computer Cafe was founded in 1996 by Tom Niemiller to provide excellent internet service and support to Middle Tennessee. Tom was 24 when he started the business, and although he had a lot of help along the way, he had been the only owner until 2014. The company started in a small room in the back of a coffee shop on the main street in Tullahoma, and had four computers that the public could use while sipping warm, caffienated beverages. The Cafe was the first internet company to have an office in town, and quickly attracted a customer base with a completely digital modem setup with a speedy backbone connection.

Over the years, Computer Cafe has proudly delivered superior customer support. Usually, customers can speak instantly with a technician. Our technicians often take the initiative and call the customer if they detect trouble logging on or virus activity, or a similar issue.

As one of the oldest companies on the internet, Computer Cafe is proud to serve the Middle Tennessee Area.

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